Special Education Advocate

A Compassionate Coach and Persistent Advocate for Students and Their Families

Jerry Jacobs, LICSW, understands that few parents have the time and tenacity to navigate the maze of public and private resources for their students. Ensuring that students with learning disabilities receive the education that they need requires:

  • The knowledge of the students’ educational rights
  • The negotiation skills to exercise those rights

To meet these needs, he provides two kinds of services for clients:

  • Consultation: Meeting with the family to identify the student’s needs, review records and then develop recommendations
  • Representation:  Following the initial consultation described above, working together with the parents to learn more about the current IEP so he can advocate for optimal school services at the initial  IEP meeting and during the school year

As a social worker with family members who have learning disabilities, Jerry has a unique understanding of how successful outcomes insure that students enjoy a happier childhood and fulfillment as adults.